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Canmore, AB

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Truly Great Coffee

We get all of our coffee beans from Eclipse Roasters here in Canmore. With orders coming in weekly, we ensure that you will be satisfied with every cup. 

We use Eclipse's Vintage blend as our primary espresso bean. formerly known as the "signature blend", this is a milk based espresso blend. Expect lots of Chocolate and caramel notes in your lattes and cappuccinos, with a touch of acidity, and a lingering after taste.

We also offer a selection of drip coffee ranging from light roast, to medium, to dark roast.

Why we keep it local.

Here at Black Dog, our community is essential. By locally sourcing a lot of our products, we have made it our mission to help our community thrive. 

For example, all of our teas come from Canmore Tea Company. They make a variety of delicious blends as well as offer some favourite classic flavours. Also, every week, our locally sourced fresh eggs arrive. We use these for a variety of our menu items. 

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