Dog Park

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Shadow loves going to the dog park. She gets to run around and play with her friends without the restraints of a leash as legally there is no other place in Canada that dogs are allowed to do so. We have an amazing dog park in Canmore, one of the best I have been to.

Yesterday the talk at the park was all about more areas at the dog park that our furry friends have to be put back on leash to be taken to another area to be let off. I am all for this if it is for a reason. I realize this is an animal corridor but I have not heard of any instances where there was dog/animal interactions. (I do live in a bubble and try not to listen to the news though) I wish the town of Canmore would improve the "Dog Park" for the sake of the dogs and not for the people having weddings. I have been to dog parks that have water fountains for their pets and dogs need to cool down in water in the summer.

Someone once said "common sense is not that common." I wish we could make our amazing dog park even better for the sake of our dogs instead of taking away the little off leash privileges they have.

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