Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

A wise man once said "Don't sweat the small stuff," I think it was David Lee Roth from Van Halen? He also went on to say "it's all small stuff."

If you look back a month or a year from the time you thought something was devastating, you may not even remember it or it wasn't so bad after all. My Mom always told me "Everything always works out" and it always did.

I have just heard about something just "is" until you put a tag on it. It is not good or bad until you say it is. It just "is." And then it is only your perspective of that incident. Meaning that if you look at getting fired or being in an accident as bad, how could you land your dream job if you are still working at your old job. Or, after one of my spectacular motocross crashes my Mom would say "you're lucky to be alive!"

We cannot change the past so don't live there, it is nice to reminisce about the good ol' days but look to the future. Make plans and set goals, take action to achieve them. Live in the present because that is what it is, a "present."

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